An original avatar project on Bitcoin.


These characters were created in October 2020 by the Fake Rare Pepe artist, Art Bat.


She spent years creating the Dropouts until they were perfect. But they never had a home that felt right, So she waited.

An IP for Ordinals

Dropouts is a collection of characters that will live on Bitcoin through Ordinals.

How it works

1 token will be given as a gift for each Art Bat Fake Rare Pepe owned (160 total).

The remaining tokens will be sold.

redemption token yellowredemption token black

Dropouts are stored as 800x800 WebP images on Bitcoin, however, you will also be able to download high resolution images of your Dropouts via our upcoming gallery site.


How many Dropouts exist?

There are 1295 Dropouts.

What # Ordinals inscriptions are Dropouts on?

All Dropouts exist between inscription #74587 and #137958.

I own an Art Bat Fake Rare Pepe. How do I get my free redemption token(s)?

DM us on Twitter.